The RAF Honington Mental Health Network supported the Mental Health Foundation Awareness Week 10 -16 May.

We provided Commanders and line managers with the information to help their employees that may be dealing with mental health. We focused on employees returning to work and how to deal with the stresses put on their families, the stigma surrounding mental health and how to help someone suffering cope with returning to work. How it can affect personnel in the military and not just focusing on PTSD but looking at other issues military personnel may be struggling with. We looked at how to help someone recovering from mental health move forward both at home and in work and how we can best support their recovery. Finally, child mental health and helping parents understand what their children may be going through both at school and at home, the pressures children feel from home schooling and missing out on socialising with friends. Along with the online help and signposting, the Station provided a Walk and Talk, PEd Body and Mind session as well as a Mindfulness session conducted by the Padre.

For more information on mental health or if you are concerned about someone else’s mental health there are a variety of helplines such as the NHS 111, MIND, Samaritans or you can contact the Station Medical Centre. There are also some useful apps available to download; Moodfit, Moodmission, Talkspace, Headspace and Sanvello to name a few. We are also lucky to have our very own Station Mental Health Network that includes mental health first aiders. If you’d like to speak to a member of the team you can find the list on sharepoint along with a whole host of more resources.

By FO Anthony Wood