Great Tommy sleep out in aid of RBLI

We decided to take part in the Tommy sleep out to support the veterans that are currently homeless and to raise awareness. Once committed, we decided to extend this to 36 hours living rough as opposed to just one night. By night two, we had exceeded £1100 in donations combined, and our thanks go out to the generous personnel of RAF Honington, friends and family.


We gathered all the materials that we would require to start this challenge. We built our beds out of recyclable material; bread crates, u/s cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. We also received a donation of food from the kind ladies from the Honington Spar.

We decided to settle in for the night, at this time morale was still high even though the temperature was dropping quite quickly, and we had to wrap up with all our clothing.

We managed to sleep however the cold weather did have an adverse effect on our bladders meaning we were up on numerous occasions throughout the night!


We were kindly woken up to a hot drink by a generous member of the catering section which went down a treat.

The catering section kindly brought us a breakfast sandwich which set us up for the day.

Again, with the generosity of the catering section they supplied us with a hot Lunch, this was well received as we were feeling the cold weather by this time.

We received a visit from Fg Off Rebecca James (Contract Support Officer) which was kindly received as by this time we were getting tired of looking at the same old face.

We decided to settle for the night again, this was not as cold as the previous night, but it seemed to keep us from having a full night sleep again constantly taking it turns to get up.


It was time to clean up our living space and reflect on the previous 36 hours. We both agreed the hardest part of this was the boredom. We were aware we would have visits, but for the people that don’t have this support it must be so hard to keep going every day.

With a new mindset on homelessness and how easy it is to just have the walk on by culture, it is safe to say we both have a new view on this and hopefully with what we have experienced we have reached out to other people that can help or support the unfortunate individuals who live like this day to day.

By Sgt Stow and SAC Stone of Catering Flt.