Allied Command Operations 2020 Military Member of the Year

NATO Photo by NIC Edouard Bocquet

Congratulations to Squadron Leader Dan Quai on receipt of his award for Military Member of the Year 2020 (Junior Officer Category). The award is designed to recognize the excellence of Allied Command Operations troops across all warfare areas, commands and levels of experience and leadership.

Dan received the award for his outstanding performance during his time at Allied Joint Force Command Naples. A Flight Lieutenant at the time, it was highlighted that ‘his output is akin to, and often beyond, that of a high-quality OF3. With an endless capacity for work, inexhaustible drive, a talent for building consensus, and an instinctive understanding of the context within which his operational contribution nests, his effect is remarkable.’

Attending the recent Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) Commander’s Conference, Dan was officially recognised and received his award from SACEUR, General Tod D. Wolters.